Heat Pump Servicing

Why should you get your Heat Pump cleaned?

The common misconception is that Heat Pumps introduce fresh air from the outside, they don’t! They are a heater and cooler and simply recirculate the air from within the home.

This makes it extremely important that you get your Heat Pump Cleaned each year to ensure the air in your home is healthy and not being filtered through a dirty Heat Pump. Cleaning the filters is brilliant but just not enough.

All leading Heat Pump manufacturers recommend annual cleaning to extend the life of your Heat Pump. As dirt and grime builds up within the Heat Pump it creates pressure on the system making the parts work harder and risk damage or total failure.

Cleaning each year will prevent this and extend the life of your Heat Pump saving $$$$.

What we do when we clean your Heat Pump:

  • Test All Unit Functions
  • Remove Cover, De-Grease & Clean
  • Wash & Degrease Indoor Unit
  • Clean Air Filters
  • Test Condensate Drain
  • Spray Sanitizer
  • Test Run Unit & Check Air Out Temperature
  • Wash & De-Grease Outdoor Unit
  • Check Pipework For Leaks
  • Check Isolation Switch Fitness
Heat Pump Servicing

Heat Pump Servicing

We supply, install and service: