Heat Pumps

Heating your home can be done in various ways but there are both cost effective and expensive ways of doing this. CT Electrical specialise in Heat Pump & Electric space heating using New Zealand’s leading Heat Pump & Air Conditioning products.

Using Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and many other leading brands, CT Electrical can access the correct size & style of unit plus any unique installation equipment to suit your individual Heating & Cooling requirements. Having access to this huge range allows us to deliver un-paralleled energy efficiency and comfort.

High Wall Heat Pumps

Designed to Heat small to large spaces and ideal for high stud rooms, High Wall Heat Pumps make up the largest portion of Heat Pump sales in New Zealand and come in a large range to suit every unique installation situation. The latest High Wall Heat Pumps are very quiet and the most energy efficient in the Heat Pump range. Enquire Now

Floor Console Heat Pumps

Great for smaller spaces and ideal for low ceiling heights, floor console Heat Pumps are a popular choice with South Islanders requiring instant heat and warm feet. Floor console Heat Pumps require wall & floor space for their installation so CT Electrical offer many options to suit your home. With great new developments in this technology there are some real energy efficient advantages to installing a new floor console Heat Pump.

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Ceiling Cassette Heat Pumps

Another option for those specialist situations where overhead heating is the best or only option, Ceiling Cassette Heat Pumps are usually used in Commercial and office situations but can be used in residential where needed. Due to the smaller number of installations Ceiling Cassette Heat Pumps are a very small part of the Heat Pump range.

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Ducted Heat Pumps

Whole home heating is the latest and fastest growing aspect of the Heat Pump industry in New Zealand with massive innovation delivery, outstanding energy efficiency and comfort to new and existing homes.

A ducted Heat Pump system uses the roof space in the home to house the main heating system which is connected to the outdoor unit as usual. The difference is the heat is then ducted into every room in the house as required using ducting, ceiling outlets, wall controller(s) and even individual temperature settings for each room if needed.

Each ducted Heat Pump system is individually designed to suit both the home and needs of the users. Once sized, we then select the type of outlets that best suit the homes décor and heating & cooling needs, along with the best control system including Wi-Fi and individual room thermostats.

To top it all off you can even add fresh air ventilation to your ducted heating system to deliver the peak of energy efficiency and healthy air.

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