Solar PV

A great way to cut out the power company, reduce your energy bills, get a return on investment, live green or just get the most out of that untapped bare roof you’re living under. Solar PV is the ultimate solution for powering your home and saving money.

With Solar PV (photovoltaic) becoming increasing popular in New Zealand, the price is falling with the increased sales making this an option for all kiwis. Using the latest technology from around the world, CT Electrical can specify, supply, install and commission the best Solar PV power supply system for your home & family’s needs.

Every situation is different when it comes to Solar PV. This means we need to determine the usage requirements during the day, the evening and what to do with excess electricity when it is not needed. This can be done either by storing it or putting it back into the grid for cash returns.

All of this leads to the correct specifications of Solar PV panels, the correct invertor type and the exact installation type for your home. Solar PV is a long lasting product with warranties of 25 years on some products.

Solar PV Panels

The type of panel is based on the total system size required and the roof layout. It also depends on the future needs or additions to the system. There are many great Solar PV Panels available with the latest in technological development which is always improving efficiency.

Solar PV Invertor

Every Solar PV installation requires an inverter; this takes the DC electricity and converts it to AC which is what is used in your home. The type of inverter used depends on the type of installation, roof style, size & layout, how the energy is used, stored or dispersed.


Solar PV Installation is a regulated process and CT Electrical comply with all regulations and standards including the final sign off by a registered electrical inspector. Solar PV is a big job but CT Electrical have many installations under their belts with this experience saving you even more money with a quick, painless and efficient installation.

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