More and more kiwis have come to the conclusion that part of heating your home is ventilating it. By ventilating your home and keeping the humidity and moisture levels down it becomes a much easier task to heat it. It makes sense that the more water in the air the harder it will be to heat doesn’t it?

It also makes sense that all that moisture needs to go somewhere. Without good ventilation the damp air turns into condensation and forms on the windows, carpets, curtains and furnishings of your home producing mould and damage, this can create an unhealthy environment for your family.

CT Electrical use their years of experience to specify the perfect ventilation system for your home and living situation or office using one of the many options available.

Positive Pressure Ventilation

Positive Pressure Ventilation uses the free dry air from the roof space and ducts it into the home through ceiling diffusers and grills. Combining this air with warm air from the heating in the home, the ventilation system forces the moisture laden humid air out of the home. Non obtrusive and set and forget, positive pressure is the most used form of home ventilation in New Zealand.

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Extractor Fans

Removing moisture from the source is still the best way to eradicate moisture problems from the home using kitchen and bathroom ceiling mounted extractor fans. Positioned at the heart of the problem and venting directly outside, a well-positioned ceiling extractor located in your bathroom, kitchen laundry and other wet areas is the smart and cost effective choice when dealing with your homes moisture and dampness issues.

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Heat Exchange Recovery Ventilation

The best of both worlds is always desirable and now it is easily accessible with the latest in Heat Recovery Ventilation technology available in New Zealand. Drawing fresh air from the outside of the home and removing the moisture laden air from each area of the home is the best option when it is run through an energy efficient Heat Exchanger, this removes the heat from the outgoing air and mixes that with the incoming air making the home dry, warm, healthy and comfortable. With each system designed to suit the individual home, we solve the problem and get it right first time.

The Heat Exchange Recovery Ventilation system can also be operated in conjunction with your whole home ducted Heat Pump heating and cooling system; giving you the best option available for energy efficiency, family health and home comfort.

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Heat Transfer

The simplest and most cost effective way of moving excess heat from the main heating sources in the home to other areas is using a Heat Transfer System. This works by recognizing there is more than enough heat in the main areas (set by you) and drawing the excess heat though insulated ducting into the area or areas needing a heating top up. Simple and affordable is always best.

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